September 26 2016 19:59:33
Welcome to the chess club

The Cambridge University Chess Club exists to promote the playing of chess, both within the University and throughout the Cambridge area. The club has members covering the full spectrum of playing strengths and offers a friendly forum for playing chess. We arrange a wide variety of events for our members, organise inter-college league and cup competitions and publish our own magazine. The club plays in the national county championship and contests the highly prestigious annual varsity match against Oxford (for which there are also Freshers' and second team matches). Friendly matches against local clubs are also arranged.

How to join

If you are coming to Cambridge University and have any interest in chess, it is recommended that you join the mailing list. You will then receive information about club afternoons, events and membership. If you have any queries, you may contact the president.

What's on

Sunday 28th February - 2nds Varsity
Sunday 6th March - Varsity

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