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Welcome to the chess club

The Cambridge University Chess Club (CUCC) exists to promote the playing of chess within the University. From absolute beginners to international masters, the club encourages participation by players of all strengths and offers a friendly, constructive and social platform for chess enthusiasts. We arrange a wide variety of events for our members and hold chess gatherings almost every Saturday.

The Club sends teams to represent Cambridge in the 4NCL (4 Nations Chess League) and we also hold Varsity matches against Oxford, for which there are the Freshers’, Seconds and main team matches. For all chess enthusiasts, the college chess league is set up with the aim of promoting competitive chess.

For our members, we hold numerous events throughout the year such as the Freshers' Blitz, Club chess championship, winter blitz, friendly matches against local clubs (Town vs Gown) just to name a few. Additionally, only club members are allowed to represent Cambridge in the British University Chess Association (BUCA) championships and other notable events - a huge plus if you are an active chess player since we will be providing attractive subsidies, occasionally even free transport and accommodation, for participants!

Do look out for out events at the calendar page and like our group on facebook. For further enquiries, please contact the president at chess-president@srcf.ucam.org

How to join

If you are coming to Cambridge University and have any interest in chess, it is recommended that you join the mailing list. You will then receive information about club afternoons, events and membership. We like to emphasise that all players, even complete beginners are welcome to join our chess club by being a member!

For chess enthusiasts who are not members of Cambridge University, you are encouraged to join the Cambridge City Chess Club, which has excellent facilities and regular practice sessions as well.

What's on

Sunday 28th February - 2nds Varsity
Sunday 6th March - Varsity

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